The Great Outdoors!

One of my favorite things about staying at one of these properties or condos, is that many of them offer a beautiful and very large yard for you to host parties and barbecues if you so choose. You never get the luxury of a lawn or yard at a hotel and in the summer time, this can be a huge bummer. Who doesn’t love sitting on a patio on a gorgeous summer day sipping your favorite cocktail?

Use As You Wish!

Just like yesterday’s post about choosing a theme for a party, you can use the yard space for anything you would like to do! This opens the doors for many more opportunities to be the host for the evening and gives you a much more inviting and comfortable space for any guests.

Beautiful Scenery

scapeIf you choose to spend a little bit more cash (but still less than a hotel), many properties available to rent have yards and landscaping that is incredible which can really impress your guests. I have stayed at a number of properties where it was obvious that they hire professional lawn and tree work which makes a world of difference. This is especially true for the summer time, where I personally prefer to spend the majority of my time outside. There is something about being outside in front of a beautiful landscape design that really helps set the mood and add an extra element to the party.

Now this probably shouldn’t be a make or break kind of a deal when looking for a place to stay and not every property is going to hire a company that trims and shapes trees, but if you have the extra cash to do so, it can really improve your whole experience. I really only make sure the yard is presentable if I plan on having a bigger group of people over at some point for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason being it gives me an excuse to have everyone outside and make sure I am respectful of the owners home and that there is minimal wear and tear on the inside of the house.

Dress To Impress!

Kind of continuing the theme from yesterday about hosting parties and get togethers, choosing to stay at a self-catered apartment gives you a number of benefits for doing so as opposed to staying at your standard every day hotel. Unless you want to spend an absolute fortune on a king suite, you simply won’t find a hotel that offers as much space or amenities as an apartment or condo.

Choose Your Theme!

Needless to say, an apartment is going to give you a huge amount of extra space to allow all of your guests to feel comfortable and not crammed together in a room. I have been to, and held, a number of parties in a hotel room but once I got over the age of 21 and was out of college, it just doesn’t seem like an appropriate place to hold an adult party.

When you are smart enough to rent out an actual property or home, you have all the cooking equipment and space that you need to host any sort of themed party that you would like! You can cook any type of food and have tons of space for all kinds of decorations which you really couldn’t get away with at a hotel.

This is all besides the fact that the cost of renting out a property is much lower than a corporate hotel and you can use all of that extra money that you saved on more food, drinks, and decorations for your party! Click here if you need some ideas for your next event that would be perfect for any place.


I can’t even recall how many times I have been in a hotel and I could hear every word from people next door or in the hallways. I have also definitely been on the other side as well and have had security called to my room a couple of times when we were getting a little too rowdy. When you stay at a self catered apartment, this is never something you have to worry about and you can be as loud and as rowdy as you like!

Party Time!

I don’t know about you, but when I am traveling with bigger groups I sure do love to party. Not only does having a kitchen make your life a whole lot easier to handle bigger groups, but not having to worry about neighbors on the other side of the walls allows you to get as wild and crazy as you would like (within reason of course). Plus, the money you save can be spent on more party favors!


Use Common Sense

Now all of this being said, you do have to show some common respect and courtesy and not totally destroy the house. There is a lot of trust going into this kind of a deal and you have to realize that you are staying in someone else’s home. Now they should expect you to have a good time and that there will be other people staying with you, but don’t go overboard and leave the house a total wreck if you do.

Anyone Can Do It!

Need Some Cash?

If you are like 99% of the population here in America and it wouldn’t hurt to make some extra cash somehow you might want to consider hosting your own self-catering apartment or condo. Not only would you be doing your good deed for the week by helping travelers save hundreds of dollars in hotels, but the money that you are helping them save goes right into your own pocket!


With more companies like Air B&B becoming more common and gaining popularity, you can find very reputable companies that do the proper screening for guests so you really don’t have much to worry about as long as you aren’t going to be around for the period of time. If you know you have a trip coming up or are going to be out of your home for a few days, why not let someone else put it to good use and help make you hundreds of dollars at the same time?

Some people might not be comfortable with this idea but coming from someone who has rented out their place a number of times, trust me when I say that you really don’t have anything to worry about as long as you are going through a credible and reputable company. Most of them require some sort of information or background on the people who are renting and this really helps put your mind at ease by ensuring that everything is done professionally and officially.


Outdoor Space!

In addition to saving money, the great thing about renting out a property instead of hotels is that if you are lucky enough to find a house or condo, you are usually equipped with a full lawn or yard that gives you even more options and things to do!

Hotel=A Room

fireFor the most part and generally speaking, when you rent a hotel you are pretty much getting a room and not much more else. When you go for the self-catered apartment or condo you are getting more of a house experience and everything that comes along with it!

This allows you to have barbecues, camp fires at night, and host large parties that you would never be able to get away with at a corporate hotel and would probably end up getting you either kicked out or fined a ridiculous amount. As long as you are respectful and don’t get out of control destroying the place you really don’t anything to worry about!


In addition to simply more space, the units and the properties are usually kept up very nicely and I have stayed at many where the landscaping was absolutely beautiful and just made the entire experience that much better.

This one is another thing for the guys to keep in mind. If you are on a romantic getaway with your significant other try and look for a place with a beautiful yard and where it is obvious that professional work was done.

You know what a woman likes more than a romantic candle lit dinner made by her boyfriend?

A romantic candle lit dinner made by her boyfriend outside in a beautiful yard under the stars or sunset. Trust me fellas.

While We Are Talking Money…

So far we have really only talked about how much money you can save on food because you are always equipped with a full kitchen and can do your own shopping and cooking, avoiding hundreds of dollars being spent on going out to eat for every meal. But staying at a self-catered apartment saves you more money than just on food.

Overall Lower Prices!


It seems like hotels in general are getting more and more expensive and companies are getting flat out greedy. One of the greatest perks of staying at a rented out property as opposed to one of these expensive corporations is that the cost of staying at them is almost always cheaper.

Not to mention that the majority of hotels usually only allow you to have a few other guests with you in your room and if you are caught trying to have more stay you are going to see ridiculous charges on your bill that are just enraging.

If you usually travel with groups like I do, you can find tons of options for much larger spaces that can sleep as many people as you have! When you split the costs that are usually already lower than hotels with groups of 5 or 10 people it is incredible how little you are actually spending for a beautifully kept place to stay.

Without A Kitchen

As you can probably tell by now from my 2 references to having a kitchen in a self-catered apartment when traditional hotels almost never do, I love to eat. So the simple fact that 99% of any rental offered will be equipped with a full kitchen at your disposal, stove and all.

This makes an entire world of difference in my eyes and is a huge reason I will take any self-catered apartment over a regular hotel any day.

More Than Just Saving Money

Needless to say, stocking up from a local grocery store is going to save you loads of cash from having to eat out for every meal. This is good and all, but to me having a kitchen is more than that.


This is especially true if you are traveling with a girlfriend or significant other and can help you score major points while on vacation. If you go out of your way to cook a romantic meal for your girl you better believe it will go further than taking her to a fancy restaurant which you can do in any town.

What girl wouldn’t love a candle lit dinner made personally for her by her boyfriend? The sparks will be flying immediately and then you can use the extra money that you saved from eating out to take her out on a fun date full of activities the next day!

You’re welcome gentlemen.

Few Options With Traditional Hotels

Prices Are Only Going Up

With hotel prices increasing at seemingly increasing rates with no sign of slowing down anytime soon, I think people are starting to finally realize how much they are actually spending on staying in rooms that are only as large as a master bedroom! Not to mention that there is almost always a limit of only 4 people to stay per room, greatly increasing the price of your stay if you are traveling with a large group.


While major corporations are getting greedier every day, there have been an increasing number of people who own properties seeing the opportunity to offer a much better product for much lower prices. Since the majority of people who rent out their homes or apartments for people to stay in them for any period of time are average every day people like us, these much lower prices are still extremely high and a great way to make great extra cash.

What’s Not To Love?

As I am sitting here writing this I truly cannot think of one reason that staying in a hotel is a better option than staying at a self-catered apartment or condo. You get your own bedrooms (usually multiple), bathrooms, closets, and most importantly…

A kitchen.

I already touched up on that with my last one so check that out here if you missed it.

You Know What We Need More Of?

Self catering apartments and hotels here in America, that’s what.

In France, there are an abundance of different hotel complexes, bed and breakfast spots, and even apartments that are loaded with all kinds of equipment that you need to cater your own food. I have lived in America for the majority of my life and I am so happy to see that more and more businesses and property owners are starting to catch on!


Saves You Money!

You might not realize it at first, but if you have everything you need to cater for everyone that is staying with you, you can save tons of money that you would have spent going out to eat and drink. Especially if you are hosting for a party or event and have a large group with you, the amount of money saved on food can be staggering.

I mean think about it…

If you are celebrating a wedding or birthday on vacation and you all decide you want to go out for food and drinks, you are easily looking at an absolute minimum of around 30-50 dollars PER HEAD!! Not to mention there are always those few people who like to take advantage and indulge themselves in a beer or two more than they normally would.

If you are equipped with the gear to cook for people on a larger scale you are crazy not to take advantage of it! I am surprised that I don’t see more places like this in America and I want to talk about how great they really can be.