Prices Are Only Going Up

With hotel prices increasing at seemingly increasing rates with no sign of slowing down anytime soon, I think people are starting to finally realize how much they are actually spending on staying in rooms that are only as large as a master bedroom! Not to mention that there is almost always a limit of only 4 people to stay per room, greatly increasing the price of your stay if you are traveling with a large group.


While major corporations are getting greedier every day, there have been an increasing number of people who own properties seeing the opportunity to offer a much better product for much lower prices. Since the majority of people who rent out their homes or apartments for people to stay in them for any period of time are average every day people like us, these much lower prices are still extremely high and a great way to make great extra cash.

What’s Not To Love?

As I am sitting here writing thisĀ I truly cannot think of one reason that staying in a hotel is a better option than staying at a self-catered apartment or condo. You get your own bedrooms (usually multiple), bathrooms, closets, and most importantly…

A kitchen.

I already touched up on that with my last one so check that out here if you missed it.

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