So far we have really only talked about how much money you can save on food because you are always equipped with a full kitchen and can do your own shopping and cooking, avoiding hundreds of dollars being spent on going out to eat for every meal. But staying at a self-catered apartment saves you more money than just on food.

Overall Lower Prices!


It seems like hotels in general are getting more and more expensive and companies are getting flat out greedy. One of the greatest perks of staying at a rented out property as opposed to one of these expensive corporations is that the cost of staying at them is almost always cheaper.

Not to mention that the majority of hotels usually only allow you to have a few other guests with you in your room and if you are caught trying to have more stay you are going to see ridiculous charges on your bill that are just enraging.

If you usually travel with groups like I do, you can find tons of options for much larger spaces that can sleep as many people as you have! When you split the costs that are usually already lower than hotels with groups of 5 or 10 people it is incredible how little you are actually spending for a beautifully kept place to stay.

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