I can’t even recall how many times I have been in a hotel and I could hear every word from people next door or in the hallways. I have also definitely been on the other side as well and have had security called to my room a couple of times when we were getting a little too rowdy. When you stay at a self catered apartment, this is never something you have to worry about and you can be as loud and as rowdy as you like!

Party Time!

I don’t know about you, but when I am traveling with bigger groups I sure do love to party. Not only does having a kitchen make your life a whole lot easier to handle bigger groups, but not having to worry about neighbors on the other side of the walls allows you to get as wild and crazy as you would like (within reason of course). Plus, the money you save can be spent on more party favors!


Use Common Sense

Now all of this being said, you do have to show some common respect and courtesy and not totally destroy the house. There is a lot of trust going into this kind of a deal and you have to realize that you are staying in someone else’s home. Now they should expect you to have a good time and that there will be other people staying with you, but don’t go overboard and leave the house a total wreck if you do.

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