Self catering apartments and hotels here in America, that’s what.

In France, there are an abundance of different hotel complexes, bed and breakfast spots, and even apartments that are loaded with all kinds of equipment that you need to cater your own food. I have lived in America for the majority of my life and I am so happy to see that more and more businesses and property owners are starting to catch on!


Saves You Money!

You might not realize it at first, but if you have everything you need to cater for everyone that is staying with you, you can save tons of money that you would have spent going out to eat and drink. Especially if you are hosting for a party or event and have a large group with you, the amount of money saved on food can be staggering.

I mean think about it…

If you are celebrating a wedding or birthday on vacation and you all decide you want to go out for food and drinks, you are easily looking at an absolute minimum of around 30-50 dollars PER HEAD!! Not to mention there are always those few people who like to take advantage and indulge themselves in a beer or two more than they normally would.

If you are equipped with the gear to cook for people on a larger scale you are crazy not to take advantage of it! I am surprised that I don’t see more places like this in America and I want to talk about how great they really can be.

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