Kind of continuing the theme from yesterday about hosting parties and get togethers, choosing to stay at a self-catered apartment gives you a number of benefits for doing so as opposed to staying at your standard every day hotel. Unless you want to spend an absolute fortune on a king suite, you simply won’t find a hotel that offers as much space or amenities as an apartment or condo.

Choose Your Theme!

Needless to say, an apartment is going to give you a huge amount of extra space to allow all of your guests to feel comfortable and not crammed together in a room. I have been to, and held, a number of parties in a hotel room but once I got over the age of 21 and was out of college, it just doesn’t seem like an appropriate place to hold an adult party.

When you are smart enough to rent out an actual property or home, you have all the cooking equipment and space that you need to host any sort of themed party that you would like! You can cook any type of food and have tons of space for all kinds of decorations which you really couldn’t get away with at a hotel.

This is all besides the fact that the cost of renting out a property is much lower than a corporate hotel and you can use all of that extra money that you saved on more food, drinks, and decorations for your party! Click here if you need some ideas for your next event that would be perfect for any place.

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