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Without A Kitchen

As you can probably tell by now from my 2 references to having a kitchen in a self-catered apartment when traditional hotels almost never do, I love to eat. So the simple fact that 99% of any rental offered will be equipped with a full kitchen at your disposal, stove and all.

This makes an entire world of difference in my eyes and is a huge reason I will take any self-catered apartment over a regular hotel any day.

More Than Just Saving Money

Needless to say, stocking up from a local grocery store is going to save you loads of cash from having to eat out for every meal. This is good and all, but to me having a kitchen is more than that.


This is especially true if you are traveling with a girlfriend or significant other and can help you score major points while on vacation. If you go out of your way to cook a romantic meal for your girl you better believe it will go further than taking her to a fancy restaurant which you can do in any town.

What girl wouldn’t love a candle lit dinner made personally for her by her boyfriend? The sparks will be flying immediately and then you can use the extra money that you saved from eating out to take her out on a fun date full of activities the next day!

You’re welcome gentlemen.