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The Great Outdoors!

One of my favorite things about staying at one of these properties or condos, is that many of them offer a beautiful and very large yard for you to host parties and barbecues if you so choose. You never get the luxury of a lawn or yard at a hotel and in the summer time, this can be a huge bummer. Who doesn’t love sitting on a patio on a gorgeous summer day sipping your favorite cocktail?

Use As You Wish!

Just like yesterday’s post about choosing a theme for a party, you can use the yard space for anything you would like to do! This opens the doors for many more opportunities to be the host for the evening and gives you a much more inviting and comfortable space for any guests.

Beautiful Scenery

scapeIf you choose to spend a little bit more cash (but still less than a hotel), many properties available to rent have yards and landscaping that is incredible which can really impress your guests. I have stayed at a number of properties where it was obvious that they hire professional lawn and tree work which makes a world of difference. This is especially true for the summer time, where I personally prefer to spend the majority of my time outside. There is something about being outside in front of a beautiful landscape design that really helps set the mood and add an extra element to the party.

Now this probably shouldn’t be a make or break kind of a deal when looking for a place to stay and not every property is going to hire a company that trims and shapes trees, but if you have the extra cash to do so, it can really improve your whole experience. I really only make sure the yard is presentable if I plan on having a bigger group of people over at some point for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason being it gives me an excuse to have everyone outside and make sure I am respectful of the owners home and that there is minimal wear and tear on the inside of the house.

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Outdoor Space!

In addition to saving money, the great thing about renting out a property instead of hotels is that if you are lucky enough to find a house or condo, you are usually equipped with a full lawn or yard that gives you even more options and things to do!

Hotel=A Room

fireFor the most part and generally speaking, when you rent a hotel you are pretty much getting a room and not much more else. When you go for the self-catered apartment or condo you are getting more of a house experience and everything that comes along with it!

This allows you to have barbecues, camp fires at night, and host large parties that you would never be able to get away with at a corporate hotel and would probably end up getting you either kicked out or fined a ridiculous amount. As long as you are respectful and don’t get out of control destroying the place you really don’t anything to worry about!


In addition to simply more space, the units and the properties are usually kept up very nicely and I have stayed at many where the landscaping was absolutely beautiful and just made the entire experience that much better.

This one is another thing for the guys to keep in mind. If you are on a romantic getaway with your significant other try and look for a place with a beautiful yard and where it is obvious that professional work was done.

You know what a woman likes more than a romantic candle lit dinner made by her boyfriend?

A romantic candle lit dinner made by her boyfriend outside in a beautiful yard under the stars or sunset. Trust me fellas.